Is professional misconduct of a Toronto lawyer the only reason for denials of Roma requests for asylum?

Emotions run high at penalty hearing for disgraced refugee lawyer

Supporters of Roma complainants deported after being poorly represented by Viktor Hohots interrupt the hearing to denounce a proceeding “without justice.”

11/05/2015 – Tempers flared at a penalty hearing on Monday for a Toronto lawyer who was suspended for five months after admitting to professional misconduct in representing more than a dozen Roma refugee claimants. Several supporters of the Roma — deported after their requests for asylum were denied — interrupted Viktor Hohots’ hearing at the Law Society of Upper Canada to oppose a proceeding they said was “without justice.”
“You are standing here disparaging the witnesses who cannot be here. That’s not right,” Mary Jo Leddy, of the refugee settlement agency Romero House, told Hohots’ lawyer, Mitchell Worsoff, during his submissions. As she stormed out of the law society hearing, another onlooker added: “They’re not here to defend themselves. This is completely without justice,” and followed her out.



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