Will the pig farm on the Roma Holocaust site still be part of the Czech reality in 2020?

What takes place around the pig farm in Lety by Písek continues to tell us important, interesting things about Czech society, about the level of our public discussions, about the nature and purpose of protest, about communications inside the Romani community, and about pro-Romani and Romani activists here. Much has already been written about the scandal of this farm, which is located on the site of a former concentration camp where hundreds of Romani people perished and from which others were sent to their deaths at Auschwitz, and the basic arguments about and problems with the farm are absolutely clear.

The fact that an industrial pig farm is standing on the site of a former concentration camp has been recognized as an international embarrassment and institutions such as the European Parliament and the United Nations regularly criticize the Czech Republic for it. Similarly, it is evident that while most politicians would no longer permit themselves to openly say they do not consider relocating the farm to be important, they obviously do not actually consider it important at all.

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One thought on “Will the pig farm on the Roma Holocaust site still be part of the Czech reality in 2020?

  1. paul polansky says:

    After searching for several years for the site of the Prince Karel Schwarzenberg rock quarry where Lety prisoners were forced during WWII to build the Schwarzenberg Highway (today called Highway 19), the mayor of a nearby village told us where the infamous quarry was (in the forest across the entrance to the pig farm). He then said that his mother once told him that, “Prince Schwarzenberg had forced the Czech government to build Lety.” Why aren’t the NGOs who are calling for the blockade of the pig farm, also demonstrating at Schwarzenberg’s Orlik Castle to let visiting tourists know the truth about the war crimes committed by this “noble” family that used both Jewish and Roma slave labor before the Germans took over the administration of the Schwarzenberg estates? Ironically, Prince Karel Schwarzenberg also used Sudetendeutsch slave labor after WWII on his estates until he escaped to Vienna in 1948. I think the Lety blockage is at the wrong place. And why aren’t the Czech Jews protesting what the Orlik Schwarzenbergs did to the Mirotice Jews from 1940-1942?

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