Can the path of love and compassion be the right cornerstone for the European Union?

A Turkish author Harun Yahya writes:

” … The member states are already facing issues of discrimination against the Roma people with around 10 to12 million Roma living in the EU. Despite the much- talked about standards that are presumed to be benefiting the entire community, the Roma are all too often treated unfairly, frequently living in poor and isolated conditions; they cannot find employment opportunities, and they are socially segregated based on their ethnic background.

… This rise in hate crimes, the ongoing crisis and depression throughout the Western world that is regarded to be the “foremost-civilized” part of our globe is due to the absence of love, the most vital need of life, in European societies. That is why the cutting-edge technologies, ultra modern production techniques, new transportation methods or innovations do not benefit the people of the continent. They do not bring them the happiness, contentment and security, which all individuals seek throughout their lifetime.

In order to find recovery out of this downturn, the right cornerstone must be placed the center of the EU; the path of love and compassion, the guidance for all of humanity in all their endeavors ranging across economic, political, educational and social realms.”




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