Is discrimination a root cause of Romani marginalization?

In its resolution 26/4 adopted on 14 July 2014, the Human Rights Council recognized that for more than five centuries, Roma have faced widespread and enduring discrimination, rejection, social exclusion and marginalisation in all areas of life all over the world . It expressed concern that Roma continue to be socially and economically marginalised, which undermines the respect of their human rights, propagates prejudice and impedes their full participation in society and the effective exercise of civic responsibilities. The resolutions also recognised that Anti-Gypsyism constitutes a major obstacle to the successful social inclusion of Roma and the full respect of their human rights.

Anti-Gypsyism has been defined by the Council of Europe as “a specific form of racism, an ideology founded on racial superiority, a form of dehumanization and institutional racism nurtured by historical discrimination, which is expressed, among others, by violence, hate speech, exploitation, stigmatization and the most blatant kind of discrimination”.




One thought on “Is discrimination a root cause of Romani marginalization?

  1. When facing negative emotional collective representations and practices based in Narcisistic collective self-representations (“Them” versus “Us”) , you will face rationalizations based in direct or indirect “Accusation of the Victims” that can only be outpassed by collective Recognition of an Historical Crime, and by a time and process of participated Positive Discrimination, as it has been done in Índia (with paria and tribals), and also in California, South Africa and Brasil (with afro descendants of african slaves) and in California (with women).
    Regarding rRoma / Gypsies, European Union must recognise the Historical Crime – they are the descendant of Muslims slaves taked to Kabul, Khorasan, Wallacia (Romenia) and Hungary, for a longer period then afro slaves in America (in Romenia, since 1350 to 1850).

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